Morgan Giosa is a 25 year old web developer, computer science student, and aspiring blues guitarist, photographer, and visual artist from Windsor, Connecticut.

Though he struggled to find his artistic inclinations during childhood, Morgan was raised around music and the arts. His brother Alex is a professional musician and skilled visual artist. Many of Morgan’s friends are gigging musicians. As such, Morgan has found his own passion in blues guitar and the visual arts through this frequent exposure to creativity.

A self described “old soul”, Morgan feels his music is most rooted in inspiration from the electric psychedelic blues of the 1960s (artists such as Michael Bloomfield and Jimi Hendrix are among his favorites), as well as influenced by the greatest electric bluesmen of all time (particularly B.B. King and Albert King, two of his favorite musicians).

Morgan’s music and visual art ultimately come to him from his unique and unconventional intuition and emotions, and his quirky, idiosyncratic view of the world.

As a web developer by profession, Morgan has worked with with the content management framework Drupal for over 7 years to successfully deliver websites to local businesses, individuals and nonprofit organizations. Morgan currently operates the website to showcase select accomplishments in this field.

Morgan is on the autism spectrum, and has a documentary in the works with his local public access TV station, Win-TV, about the trials and triumphs experienced in his unique life, with an overwhelming emphasis on and showcase of Morgan’s music, art, and achievements with technology. More information on this film – currently slated for release in late 2017/early 2018 – can be found at the following link:

Morgan has been composing original music with the guidance and collaborative input of his mentor and friend and guitar teacher, Frank Varela. The two, alongside drummer Alex Giosa and bassist Bob Laramie, recorded an album under the band name Fake News Blues Band in late 2017. The album – tentatively entitled “Mount Misery” – will be available in late 2018.

The goal of this website is to fuse Morgan’s professional passion for computer science and developing websites with his personal passion for the arts and music.

What you will find at this website are any of Morgan’s original works and improvisations/experiments in music and visual art which Morgan deems suitable for this website.